Servicing and Repairs
We can supply quotes for on the spot garage door repairs, or more advanced servicing for new or existing automatic garage doors.
With materials always on hand, our team is always equipped and experienced to handle a wide range of residential projects like new automatic garage doors, garage door installations and more throughout the Brisbane and Gold coast region.

New Garage Doors
You can trust Brisbane City Garage Doors Services to give you a perfectly fitted new garage door that will improve the look and security of your Brisbane and Gold coast.
Choose from the many brands of garage doors that we supply or if you already have a door simply contract us to fit and service it.

Door Openers and Remotes
City Garage Door Services in Brisbane can replace lost garage door remotes or repair and recode your existing remotes.
If you need a repair or service of your automatic door opener, or to fit new openers and even install extra safety features to protect your family, contact us.

Garage Door Springs Replacement
Your Garage Door Springs are what do the lifting of your Garage Door and are under extreme tension. They have a life span of around 6-10 years depending on how often the door is used.
After this time they should be replaced as they have become worn and have a much higher risk of breaking which leaves the door far too heavy for the Garage Door Opener to lift.
Quiet often this will leave the home owner with a car trapped in the garage as the springs normaly break when the door is closed as this is when they are under full tention. So if your Garage Door Springs have been on for longer than 8 years then it is a good idea to think about having them replaced.

Automatic Garage Door Openers
We Repair All Brands Of Garage Door Openers And Install New Openers. The average Automatic Garage Door Opener does approx 2500 cycles per year.
It is an important part of your Garage Door and when it fails it can be extremly inconvienient and a lot of times costly to Repair.
Your Garage Door Opener Should be serviced along with your Garage Door at least every 12 months. We also include a written report and safety inspection with our service and any minor repairs. This lowers the risk of an accident or a malfunction and also makes sure your Garage Door and Opener give you the longest trouble free operation possible.